We all want skin that glows with good health. If you believe the ads, healthy beautiful skin is at the bottom of – a usually expensive – bottle. Don’t believe the ads. We’ve got something better than expensive empty promises. We’ve got 5 things you can do to get your natural glow on…
  1. Accept and love the skin you’re in. Your skin has a job to do. And it’s not to make you famous on social media or to make people like you more. It’s not to look 20 years old when you’re 40. It’s to protect you from pathogens and excessive water loss. It helps you regulate your temperature and holds everything together – which in the grand scheme of things is quite a bit more important than how many Facebook likes you got. If you’re forever wishing your skin looked a bit more like some movie stars’, then relax – and if you must google photos of them being real people, not edited, filtered, photoshopped versions of themselves. No one is perfect but healthy skin of any shade or age is perfect. Don’t aim for perfection, aim for healthy skin.
  2. Healthy skin is intricately tied up to your immune system and gut health. Eat fresh healthy food.  Drink water. Get plenty of sleep. If you suspect you’re intolerant to something try an elimination diet and then avoid any known allergens. If you continue eating/drinking things that you are intolerant to, it will show in your skin. 
  3. If you have to wear make up, go minimal. Make up can not only clog pores but many many cosmetics contain one or more (or all) ingredients that cause everything from skin irritation to interrupting your hormonal balance. Seriously. It comes as a surprise to many of us to know that there is no requirement for cosmetics companies to prove that their formulations are safe or even for them to avoid products that are known allergens, carcinogens etc.
  4. Avoid products that are just synthetic chemical cocktails. Any or all ingredients in these products could be irritating or drying out your skin or messing with you internally since our skin actually absorbs what we put on it.
  5. Follow a simple skincare routine that cleanses without stripping oils. Try cleansing with honey, cleansing grains or the oil cleansing method. Try moisturizing with botanical oils, butters or ethically produced tallow. These contain essential fatty acids that our skin needs.
Having healthy skin can make a big difference, to how we feel when we look in the mirror, and to how others respond to us. Yet healthy skin is the result of a healthy body, not the result of any million-dollar lotion or potion. Have you got any healthy skin tips to share? What do you do to get your natural glow on?

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