Maybe your hair wasn’t always like this. Or maybe you’ve been blessed with kids whose hair is at the other end of the hair possibilities spectrum from yours. Maybe your kids are a beautiful mix of ancestral origins and their hair reflects that uniqueness. Maybe you’re finding that your hair actually needs some natural love and care that you haven’t been able to give it before now.

Curly, kinky and coily hair is beautiful, but it won’t take kindly to the same products that are designed for straight or wavy hair. When you’re learning to care for curly hair, yours or a little curly crew member, everyone needs some tips to get them started.And though you’ll get plenty of people admiring their curly heads in Australia there’s not much in the way of how-tos.

The basics:

  • If you’re doing a little person’s hair be gentle. Detangling with fingers and heaps of patience is best.
  • Detangle hair when wet or damp with a fingers, detangling brush or comb.
  • All curly hair is not the same. Learn about the hair you’ve got and be prepared to experiment.
  • Expensive products are not necessary to have beautiful nourished hair. Try no-poo or co-washing, and using hair serums and butters to naturally nourish your curls.

More than the basics:

Now I don’t necessarily recommend all – or any -of the products these folks use on their hair. (I’m obviously biased cos many of these are hard to get or expensive in Australia and I prefer a more natural approach.) But, the basics steps of curly/coily/afro/mixed are so important, and I think these two mamas have really laid it out so well that I thoroughly recommend reading what they have to say.

Mixed Race Family have a great post with lots of helpful rabbit holes, I mean links, to follow to learn more.

Mixed Life Family have summarised their approach here, and the only thing I’d add is that no. 7 should be no. 1. It’s hard being different, and having curly hair can be (literally) painful every time detangle day comes around, but it’s the hair you or they have and learning to care for it properly is the first step to loving and appreciating what you’ve got.

De Su Mama has a handy biracial haircare tips FAQ and a beautiful post on why it matters that mothers learn to look after the hair their kids have.

Treasured Locks have a comprehensive list of posts with plenty of good tips in there.

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